By using conversion optimization, marketing tools are added or modified on the website to generate a higher revenue from each visitor. The objective of conversion optimisation is then also to increase the turnover per visitor.

Conversion optimization is applied by means of tests; two well-known tests are A/B testing and multi-variate analysis.

With A/B testing, part of your website is tested. Two versions of one page can consequently be tested side by side. A/B testing determines which of the two versions has the highest turnover. With multi-variate analysis, several segments of the website can be tested.

During multi-variate analysis, different versions of a header and an image can be tested simultaneously, fore example. The outcome of the multi-variate analysis indicates which combination of segments has the best results.

There are many possibilities to increase the conversion per visitor, a number of which are:

  • Use relevant promotions such as free postage.
  • Show off your unique selling points on the website.
  • Try to create a 'Wow factor'.
  • Conversion optimisation goes so much further than usability. For example, you can give your clients a discount on certain products, or place client references.
  • Only allow registration after the sale has been completed. Clients are then involved in upselling.

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