A frequently asked question today is: how can I get my website higher on Google? A lot of people don't know the difference between Google Adwords and the non-sponsored links. It is important to know that the websites, which appear at the top and on the right of the page with a yellow background, are sponsored links that require payment. For every time someone clicks on them to visit a website, there is a charge. In the case of non-sponsored links, this is not the case. Each visitor that visits your website is free; you only pay for the service of having your website placed on the 1st page.

How does your website appear on page 1 of Google?
Various factors are important when getting your website in a higher position on Google: on-page optimisation is used. This is modification and optimisation of the website itself. Using on-page optimisation, you allow the Search engines to 'read' your website for the correct keywords; this however does not mean that your website will be on page one. On-page factors are: the modification of the Meta tags, the use of the correct keywords in the text, the addition of titles to images and there are many more factors which can be used.

However to achieve a positioning on page one, there must be off-page optimisation. Link building is the most important form of off-page optimisation. Link building is nothing more than placing your website link on other websites. However, there is a strategy behind it. The links are not placed without rhyme or reason, but are placed on related websites, on websites with a high authority, websites with a high ranking and other websites where the value of your own website will rise.

Thus to rise up the Google ranking, there are numerous optimisation methods. Would you like to know more about Search engine marketing, then look at Search engine optimization.