Using search engine optimization, visitors will be directed for free to your website via Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. Search engine optimisation is the most important method when generating clients and leads via the Internet. This is evident from the following facts:

  • Over 95% of the 13.6 million Internet users in the Netherlands (STIR, 2009) used Google to shop around when purchasing products and services.
  • Research has shown that 94,75% of users do not look further than the first page in Google.

To generate visitors using search engines such as Google, your website must be on page 1 with the correct keywords. You will achieve a higher number of visitors resulting in more leads, more clients and a higher turnover. In addition, search engine optimisation has many other benefits:

  • People look for you; you are not imposing on them.
  • Targeted visitors who are really looking for your product or service.
  • 85% of consumers consider a brand that is in top positions of the search engine as a top brand.

Why let Madara carry out your Search Engine Optimization?

Madara uses the latest and best Search engine optimization techniques to get your website on Google's first page. For the most part, attention is paid to link building, where we obtain authorisation from the Search engines by placing your website-link on other websites. Research has shown that 70% of Google positioning is dependent on the link structure which links to your website. We therefore spend 90% of our time on the placement of your website-link onto other websites.

As we use the best Search engine optimization techniques, we can guarantee our clients first page positioning. We make individual agreements with our clients such as setting deadlines to achieve these results and positions. What happens if these results and positions are not achieved? We also offer our clients a money-back guarantee if we are not successful.
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