Your website must be well optimised if it is to be locatable in Search engines. However, what is website optimisation?

Website optimisation consists of two factors: optimisation on the website itself, which is also called On-page optimisation; or when the website itself is not optimised but links are spread across the entire Internet whereby the value of the website increases and the website is thus also optimised.

On-page optimization is optimization of the website, which means that the website must contain the correct information. The correct keywords, titles and headers must also be used so that the Search engines 'read' the website for the correct keywords. There are many different factors for On-page optimisation; these change continually due to the Google Algorithm being changed continually. The latest changes in the algorithm mean that it is now very important to have correct and good information on your site. This means that if there is informative and exclusive text on your website, your website will perform better than other websites. It is also important that the structure of the website is well put together, that the pages must be linked together properly and that pages must be properly classified with paragraphs, titles and chapters.

Off-page optimization is not done to the website itself. There are no changes to the website but other websites are optimized. Links are placed on other websites to increase the value of your website. The placement of these links is otherwise known as link building. Link building is by far the most important factor in being able to be found using Search engines. It is said that for 70% the position of your website is consequently determined. From this, we can conclude that Off-page optimisation is far more important than On-page optimisation. On the page link building, you will find more information about link building strategies that we use. Read more about Search Engine Optimization.

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