Search Engine optimization by Madara Web Solutions


This service was conceived and designed by SEO experts at Madara.

We offer a website that looks exactly like your website; however it will be on page one without any delay. Through this website, hundreds of extra visitors will come to your website every month through the main keyword that you use to offer your products or services.

Here are the advantages:

  • Direct to page one without any delay
  • Website fully customised to your house style
  • A completely unique domain name including hosting
  • Free advice for Search engine optimisation for your current website
Based on two examples (these are dummies which are not used for clients), we will show you how we work at Madara.

Buy Shoes:
Click here for the Google Search Results

Rent Bike Amsterdam:
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All from €49.00 per month, you will have your own website with completely the same design as your current website.

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